The Demos Project involves faculty, students, and staff across the university, its colleges and departments, and the libraries.

Tarez Samra Graban

Director of Research and Fellowships

Associate Professor, Department of English

Tarez Samra Graban is Associate Professor of English and centers her research and teaching in histories of rhetoric, histories and theories of composition, feminist rhetorical theory, public discourse, multilingualism, and digital humanities.

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Allen Romano

Associate Director of Pedagogy and Outreach

Associate Teaching Professor, Program in Interdisciplinary Humanities

Allen Romano is a specialist in Ancient Greek literature who also teaches text analysis with R and Python, web development, digital pedagogy, and general humanities courses from the paleolithic to modernity.

Sarah Stanley

Associate Director of Technology and Outreach

Judith Pascoe

Associate Director of Digital Advocacy

Geore Mills Harper Professor of English

Judith Pascoe teaches classes on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature and culture, with special attention to collecting history and theory, voice recording, media theory, and absorption.

Current Demos Fellows

Beth Coggeshall

Fellow, 2019

Assistant Professor of Italian Studies

Beth Coggeshall's research centers on the intersections of literature, ethics, and cultural identity; medievalism and popular culture; and the transmedia reception of Dante’s works.

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Sarah Eyerly

Fellow, 2019

Associate Professor of Musicology and Director of the Early Music Program

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Jeannine Murray-Román

Fellow, 2019

Assistant Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics

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Tanya Peres

Fellow, 2019

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology

Tanya Peres is Associate Professor of Anthropology and works especially on relationships between humans and their environments, and humans and animals.

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John Ribó

Fellow, 2019

Assistant Professor, Department of English

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Silvia Valisa

Fellow, 2019

Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics

Silvia Valisa is Associate Professor of Italian Studies and works on the history of print

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Peggy Wright-Cleveland

Fellow, 2019

Director of Faculty Development

Peggy Wright-Cleveland is Director of Faculty Development in the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement.

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