Demos Project Faculty Fellows Program Launched

University faculty across the humanities join first group of Demos faculty fellows.

Demos Project announces first cohort of faculty fellows

The Demos Project welcomes its first cohort of faculty fellows. Faculty from across Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines were invited to apply to a pilot fellowship program, funded by FSU’s Office of Research. Selected applicants will participate in a Summer Institute, where they will kickstart their nascent digital projects. Fellows will also participate in project development efforts throughout the year, in consultation with the Demos Project Steering Committee.

The 2019 Fellows Cohort comprises:

  • Beth Coggeshall (Assistant Professor, Modern Languages)
  • Sarah Eyerly (Associate Professor, Musicology)
  • Jeannine Murray Román (Assistant Professor, Modern Languages)
  • Tanya Peres (Associate Professor, Anthropology)
  • John Ribó (Assistant Professor, English)
  • Silvia Valisa (Associate Professor, Modern Languages)
  • Peggy Wright Cleveland (Director of Faculty Development)

Be on the lookout for more news from the faculty fellows as the semester progresses!

(Update, Spring 2020: For faculty projects, please visit the “Projects” page on the Demos website)

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